Monday, March 30, 2009

Taco Tuesday: The Ratings

In order to make this blog live up to its fullest potential, we have implemented the following taco rating system. Each location will be rated by a number of tacos on a scale of one to five. (Why five? Just because.) The breakdown will be as follows.
5 Tacos: This is the Mexico of Taco stops. Truly legit. Great tacos and a great atmosphere.
4 Tacos: This is the Tijuana of Taco stops. Yes, it's Mexico, but just barely.
3 Tacos: This is the New Mexico of Taco stops. Close....but not quite
2 Tacos: This is the Taco Bell of Taco stops. Decent, but nothing special.
1 Taco: This is the Olive Garden of Taco stops. Pure garbage.

Feel free to comment with your own ratings of the Taco stops.

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