Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taqueria El Rey De Oros.

Taqueria El Rey De Oros, located at 1652 West 9000 South in West Jordan (Utah, o'course) is the only place I know in the state that offers tacos al pastor style. I'd recommend the pork! Or issit the beef? Just stay away from the lamb (not my favorite). Anyway, the tacos here are both delicious and cheap (just $2.99 will fill you right up!). There's even crazy Mexican music videos to watch and the finest in fruit decor to gaze at while you chow. Seriously, give them your business. We'd love them to stick around for a good, long while. I rate them a 5 out of 5 tacos on the scale.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Vic's Tamales: 4 1/2 Tacos

Spencer gives Vic's Tamales: 4 1/2 Tacos. Outstanding. If you like Tamales, get some. If you don't like Tamales, you ain't never had Vic's Tamales. Get some.

Taco Tuesday: The Ratings

In order to make this blog live up to its fullest potential, we have implemented the following taco rating system. Each location will be rated by a number of tacos on a scale of one to five. (Why five? Just because.) The breakdown will be as follows.
5 Tacos: This is the Mexico of Taco stops. Truly legit. Great tacos and a great atmosphere.
4 Tacos: This is the Tijuana of Taco stops. Yes, it's Mexico, but just barely.
3 Tacos: This is the New Mexico of Taco stops. Close....but not quite
2 Tacos: This is the Taco Bell of Taco stops. Decent, but nothing special.
1 Taco: This is the Olive Garden of Taco stops. Pure garbage.

Feel free to comment with your own ratings of the Taco stops.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vic's Tire (and Tamales) Shop.

Victor's Tire Shop (located at 1406 S. and 700 West) has just about the best tamales I think I've ever eaten in my life. They cost about a dollar each and the service is quick and easy. It might help if you speak some of the espanol (the menu is pretty much 100% Spanish), but there are photos for the gringos like me. Incredibly, incredibly delicious. I want to go back and try a few of the other things on the list, as they're supposed to be old family recipes. And, oh yeah, I'd recommend the tamale that has corn in it, the one they dump a lot of white cheese and sour cream on. It's in one of the photos. Also, to read more about this place, go HERE and read more about its history and such. Maybe Spencer will even come on to talk about how much he loves this place. He was the one to find it and lead us in the right direction, after all.

One more thing ... if you missed this edition of Taco Tuesday, you missed THIS. It was truly glorious.

Taco Tuesday is for the cool kids.

We eat a lot of tacos, we do. Almost every week, for the past year or two (hey, I don't recall for sure), a group of us gathers in search of tasty tacos. If people are hungry and want some salsa with their conversation, they show up. It's really that simple. As a courtesy to others, Spencer and I have decided to start rating some of the places we go to and trying to keep track of some of our favorites. Here goes!